• We offer a comprehensive integrated range of real estate fund management services with a network of European offices.

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    Offices in two locations: Wigmore Street and Dorking. Acknowledged as one of the leading property fund and asset managers in the UK, we blend institutional core management expertise with a value-added approach for a diverse client base.

    Our Capabilities

    Market frontrunners in all aspects of property investment, including asset management, property management, fund management, fund administration, project management & planning, finance, research and sustainability.

    Over five and ten years to end June 2018, BMO Real Estate Partners IPD-managed funds, if aggregated into a hypothetical single "house" fund, would have outperformed the benchmark demonstrating the consistency of strong performance both across funds and over time.

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    BMO Real Estate Partners House¹





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    Source: IPD ¹ BMO Real Estate Partners IPD monitored products as at 30.06.2018

    Our Products

    F&C Commercial Property Trust

    F&C Commercial Property Trust Limited is recognised as a leading investment vehicle for clients who wish to gain prime exposure to commercial property. Launched in 2005, it is managed by Richard Kirby. The Trust is a FTSE 250 member and is designed to provide ordinary shareholders with an attractive level of income with the potential for capital and income growth from a diversified UK commercial property portfolio.

    F&C UK Real Estate Investments Limited 

    Formed in April 2013 from the merger of IRP Property Investments Limited ('IRP') and ISIS Property Trust ('IPT'), the Fund has a combined property portfolio of £277 million, with enhanced diversification and greater flexibility in its future investment strategy. The separate property portfolios of IRP and IPT are complementary in their geographic and sector exposure and the combined portfolio maintains an overweight position in London and the South East.

    F&C UK Property Fund

    One of the clear advantages of investing in a new fund, and one that should not be underestimated, is that the portfolio should reflect what is best for the current market conditions. The Fund will hold no old or legacy assets acting as potential drag on returns and will be created in the context of a post recessionary environment.


    Our aim is to deliver above-average returns to all of our investors - private clients, publicly listed investment companies, corporate and local authority pension schemes, insurance funds, joint venture partners and specialist investment vehicles. Our focus is on enhancing the value of each and every property within our portfolios – using experience based on an outstanding long-term track record combined with a commitment to innovation, and complemented by highly skilled "hands on" implementation.

    Our People

    Our UK staff are talented individuals drawn from diverse business backgrounds and we incentivise them to align their interests with those of our clients.

    The intellectual capital and property asset management expertise of our investment professionals is one of the most important factors in our success. Local knowledge, expertise and experience allow us to deliver above-average returns and investment solutions for our clients.

    The combination of our professional teams and international offices gives us both a breadth of vision and an in-depth view of local markets together with excellent access to property investment stock. We have a highly co-ordinated approach to all aspects of investment strategy, financing, asset and property management, development, planning, research and fund administration.

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